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The Weight of Emotions

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

What happens to emotions that we ignore, repress, deny, or avoid feeling? Can these denied feelings simply disappear or lose their life force? Or could they become something else, something heavy and burdensome?

Nowadays we move fast and have a lot to do. We have schedules sky-high and planners packed thick with appointments and duties to fulfill. Do we have time to break down and cry all day? Do we make time for our mental and emotional health? The truth is most people do not make time to process pain, face challenging feelings, address mental health needs, or nurture their emotional body. What happens when we do not allow our emotions to be felt? How does the pain and trauma from past events affect our present moment? When emotions are repressed and left without being felt, faced, and processed there are many ways that the subconscious can try to seek comfort, healing, and acknowledgment for those feelings ignored.

Resolve Issues From Your Past

There may be feelings of anxiety which is suggesting there is some unfinished business or something unresolved. Anxiety or restlessness could point out that there is a part of the past that needs to be resolved so that in your present moment you can feel secure and have inner peace. For others, there may be an urge to consume. This consumption can happen with food, drinks, drugs, sex, television, video games, social media, and so on. The part of you that has a need for love, comfort, healing, and connection can seek nourishment through what can be consumed. This is where we see how emotions can become quite heavy. As a person consumes and gathers in a subconscious attempt to address and heal the emotions that have been ignored they may find themselves packing on the pounds or accumulating more items than they really need.

Excess Body Weight and Emotions

Some people find themselves carrying weight that they can’t seem to lose, even with diet or exercise. For certain individuals, this unwanted weight may very well likely be the result of an energetic accumulation from emotions unfelt and unresolved. We often fail to accept the reality that energy can be felt, accumulated, and has an undeniable effect on our physical reality – even if it is not seen. For anyone finding themselves in a similar situation, the best method towards a positive change will begin with taking time for self-care, cleansing, and to bring healing to the emotional body.

Some Ways You Can Initiate Emotional Healing - To Create a Life In Balance
  • Write in a Journal – share your feelings, review your past, express your pain, create goals and solutions for challenges.

  • Schedule time with a Therapist, Life Coach, or Counselor – receive support, professional guidance, creative ideas for healing trauma, moving forward positively, and manifesting the changes you want to see in your life.

  • Support Groups – online and in-person, helpful for specific issues or traumas.

  • Schedule Weekly Self-Care – take time to relax, nurture your body/mind/emotions, meditate, exercise, get a massage, pray, etc.

  • Spiritual Practice - nurturing your spiritual self can bring more peace and a sense of wholeness. Take time for prayer, meditation, ceremony, or whatever ways you express with your spirituality.

  • Do a Cleanse Program – this is an excellent way to let go of old and stuck energies, release heavy energies, bring vitality, detox, and refresh your entire system.

  • Get Creative – painting, writing, drawing, sculpting, dancing – these are excellent methods for channeling emotions. Surrender to the moment and allow healing to happen through your creativity.

Be Courageous

We all should know by now that there is no magic pill that will make everything ok. There is no shortcut to healing our emotions. We must be willing, committed, and available for the work that needs to be done to let go of unwanted emotional weight. If we want to change our feeling reality – our vibrational reality - and in turn manifest a new and upgraded life, we need to change our patterns, do what it takes to cultivate inner peace, and bring harmony to our emotional life.  As we lighten up we begin to shine like never before. It just takes your courage.

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