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Curing Cancer Naturally~ My Story Of Radical Recovery

Updated: Feb 26

I have spent most of my adult life dedicated to the study and application of natural and holistic healing. I didn't start out with motivation or desire to work in this field, yet life took me on journeys I never had expected, and the twists and turns led me to a career in the healing arts.

From a young age, I saw myself working in the performing arts. I had studied and been actively involved in dance, theatre, spoken word, and other artistic endeavors for many years. I was pursuing those passions, when in my early 20's, I found myself experiencing a variety of disturbing symptoms and health issues. The troubles with my health grew so severe that I could no longer perform, study, or work. I had to put everything on hold and focus on recovering. During the beginning of it all, I saw many doctors and specialists. I went through numerous examinations, scans, blood tests, and other diagnostics. I also was repeatedly misdiagnosed, not taken seriously, prescribed unnecessary medications, and failed by conventional medicine. After a lot of frustration, disappointment, and discomfort I chose to become proactive. I decided to start researching to learn how to understand my body better and how to heal it. I fired my doctors and decided to become my own doctor.

My first professional training was in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Asian Bodywork Therapies. This is a branch of medicine that I deeply respect and adore. TCM has helped me achieve healing in many ways. Over the years I expanded my studies and practice to include herbalism, nutrition, holistic detoxification, acupuncture, energetic and shamanic healing, and neurofeedback. All of these therapies have assisted me enormously over the years of healing and upgrading my body. I was able to eliminate severe ovarian cysts, eradicate systemic candida overgrowth, cleanse mold infections from my body, reverse hypothyroidism, improve my liver function and digestion, strengthen my immune system, and overcome chemical and food sensitivities, MCAS and CFS. Although I experienced tremendous healing after I fired my doctors, I still had a lot more work ahead of me. My healing has come in layers, and I have learned there is always more improvement that can be had.


It was 2009 and I was living in Costa Rica when I received a diagnosis of cancer. I was happy, in a new relationship, raising my two young boys, doing work I love and enjoying life. I wasn't expecting another major confrontation with my health. I started to feel some pressure on the far right side of my face, near the upper jawbone. Later I noticed a bump in that same area. While inspecting the area in a mirror I noticed a mole that had a bluish color. I made an appointment with a dermatologist who then referred me to have a biopsy done. The biopsy and additional bloodwork revealed that I had cancer. I was referred to oncology and later was given the diagnosis of stage 3 malignant melanoma. I was quickly scheduled for surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from my face.

I did have the surgery, yet approximately two months after the surgery two small new tumors started to appear in the same spot as the one that had been removed. It was then that I decided to bring everything I had learned about healing and make a very strategic plan of action. I had already read many of the books and papers written by cancer healing pioneers such as Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Burzynski, Dr. Ann Wigmore, and others. I added to that knowledge by spending many hours intently researching natural methods for healing cancer. I read countless studies, testimonials, and protocols. From all of this information, I chose what felt right for me and I began to design and develop my cancer healing protocol.


I am a firm believer that what we eat will either help or hinder our healing process. I wanted to make sure that my diet fully supported the ability to rid my body of cancer. I took a somewhat radical approach to eating. I chose to follow a primarily plant based diet that was completely sugar-free. I drank 40-50 ounces of fresh-pressed juices daily. I grew wheatgrass and made juice of that as well. All of my meals had a lot of medicinal value. I included foods such as turmeric, fresh ginger, shiitake mushrooms, moringa, spirulina, aloe vera, lemons, berries, seaweeds, seeds, fresh herbs, microgreens, and sprouts. I ate a lot of green food! Everything I ate was made fresh. I did not once use a microwave, eat packaged foods, junk foods, sugar, refined oils, gluten, or genetically modified foods. I focused on organic, fresh, locally grown, and vibrant foods. I grew my own wheatgrass, sprouts, microgreens, moringa, turmeric, shiitake mushrooms, and more. I made a lot of shiitake mushroom and seaweed broths. Along with herbal and green teas, I would sip that broth throughout the day. One thing I want everyone reading this to understand - the diet that I followed while healing cancer was designed for that - to heal cancer. It was a highly cleansing diet that prevented acidosis, mucus build-up, inflammation, and the feeding and fueling of cancer. I also believe that each body is unique and there are variations to take into account whenever designing a diet meant for healing the body. In my private practice, I like to do a thorough intake and assessment with all of my clients to help them figure the best dietary approach for their body and health needs.


Along with nourishing my body with an abundance of superfoods, I also practiced frequent fasting - abstaining from food. I practiced intermittent fasting daily. I ate meals only between the hours of 11 am and 7 pm. That allowed 16 hours for the digestive organs to rest and for the body to work on repair and healing. I also would do frequent juice fasts where I drank only fresh-pressed juices for a few days or sometimes as long as a couple of weeks. Once a month I did a water fast. Sometimes I would have only water for several days and other times as long as 2-3 weeks. Fasting has proven to be very helpful for accelerating healing in the body. It helps regenerate vital stem cells, rid the body of toxins, reduce inflammation, and improve conditions in a wide range of chronic health conditions.

Herbs and Supplements

I was blessed to have been living in Costa Rica with wilderness and rainforests surrounding me. I had access to an abundance of healing plants and natural remedies. The herbs and plant medicines I chose to include were Graviola (the leaves of the soursop tree), Pau D'arco, Dragon's Blood (Croton lechleri), Turmeric, Chlorella, Red Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), Artists Conk mushroom (Ganoderma applinatum), Chaga mushroom, Oil of Oregano, Dandelion root, Ginger, Sweet Wormwood, Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Gotu Kola. The supplements included vitamin C, magnesium glycinate, probiotics, food-grade iodine, selenium, B-complex, omega 3's, liquid chlorophyll and zinc. I also used a product called MMS (chlorine dioxide).


When I was learning how to heal my body the first time I experienced major illness, I came to learn of the power of holistic detoxification. I used many natural detox therapies to help my body cleanse and heal. That inspired me to continue my education in this field and later become a holistic detox specialist. I designed a comprehensive Full Body Cleanse program that I have guided numerous people in over the years. When I learned that I had cancer I knew that including a variety of holistic detox therapies could greatly assist my ability to kick cancer out of my body. I did colon cleansing, parasite purges, heavy metal detoxification, monthly liver and gallbladder flushes, kidney and lymphatic cleansing, daily coffee enemas, and frequent castor oil packs. The diet I was following, especially with all the fresh juices, was very cleansing in itself. Over the years of helping both myself and others heal, holistic detoxification has become one of my most revered modalities for helping support accelerated healing and radical recovery.


6 months after I received the diagnosis of cancer I bought a medical ozone machine. I had learned about ozone from a friend who had walked away from a career as a chemical engineer working for a big-name pharmaceutical company to live a healthier, happier life in Costa Rica. While he was still working for Big Pharma he would often have extended assignments in foreign countries. While working in India and Pakistan, he witnessed the use of medical ozone in some of the clinics and hospitals he visited. He recalled witnessing numerous radical healings in people who were receiving ozone treatments. This inspired him to learn about using ozone for healing and eventually buy his own ozone generator. When I learned that I had cancer he started giving me ozone treatments once a week. I greatly appreciated his generosity, yet I wanted to be receiving ozone more often.

I decided to buy my own machine. This was a bit tricky because at that time the sale of medical ozone devices and the administration of medical ozone was illegal in the United States. Many practitioners and doctors who used ozone in their practice moved their clinics across the Mexican border where it has always remained legal. My friend had a connection to a man in the states who built medical ozone machines. This was not something we could easily or reliably ship to Costa Rica, so my partner traveled to the states to meet with this man and covertly purchase the machine. We "smuggled" it out of the states in the checked luggage. With my machine, I made ozonated water and drank that daily. I made ozonated coconut oil and applied that to the cancerous area on my face. I gave myself ozone insufflations and intravenous ozone. I read the book "Flood Your Body With Oxygen" and started learning all I could about healing with ozone. I have continued to be a big fan of ozone therapy. I am grateful that ozone is no longer banned in the United States and that more people can now have access to this wonderful therapy.

What Else?

Nutrition, herbs, mushrooms, fasting, detoxification, and ozone were my main treatments to rid my body of cancer. There were several other remedies and therapies I included while I was healing my body. These included: acupuncture, Earthing, meditation, prayer, sun gazing, essential oils, yoga, and oil pulling. One year after my original diagnosis I was deemed NED (no evidence of disease) - cancer-free. The small tumors that had begun to grow where the original tumor was removed from my face gradually decreased and dissolved. Since I healed myself of cancer, I have had many clients, friends, and family members who have been diagnosed with cancer. I have continued researching and studying how to best heal the body of cancer and keep it cancer-free. I have had the blessing of spending time with and learning from cannabis doctors and nurses, oncologists, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, medical researchers, chemists, and many individuals navigating their way through healing cancer. I spent time in the Zona Rio of Tijuana - the medical district where many of the holistic cancer clinics are. I spent several weeks at Hospital Angeles with a loved one, visited The Immunity Therapy Center, and spoke with the directors of several of the well known cancer clinics in that area. I have definitely learned a lot since I had healed myself of cancer.

When I have a client who has cancer, I now tend to recommend a few things that I did not use myself. These include Fenbendazole, Poly-MVA, FECO, CBD, Kambo, high dose Melatonin, and Irish Sea Moss. Depending on the person there are many other holistic treatments that may be helpful. Black Salve, various vitamins and minerals, Artemisinin, Methylene Blue, Mistletoe injections, Essiac tea, Ivermectin, Niclosamide, IV vitamin C, IV sodium bicarbonate, chlorine dioxide, liposomal Glutathione, colonics, pancreatic enzymes, proteolytic enzymes, B17, hyperbaric oxygen, infrared saunas, and frequency healing (such as Rife.)

Faith Over Fear

One of the most important lessons I learned in my years of healing my body is that our attitude and our mindset make a huge impact on our ability to heal. It is crucial to not allow yourself to slip into prolonged negative thinking or feeling sorry for yourself. Every cell in our body responds to what we think and feel. I made a daily effort to make faith and optimism bigger than fear and worry. Prayer, meditation, laughter, time with my family, and plenty of time in nature helped me to maintain a positive focus. Joy and laughter are some of the best medicine you will ever find. By participating in activities that bring happiness and pleasure we raise our vibration and help create an energy that supports healing. Every facet of our being makes up the whole of who we are. Our mind, emotions, body, soul, and spirit are all one. It is very challenging to fully heal the body if our emotions or our mindset is tuned into negativity. By taking time to notice and appreciate the beauty and the blessings in our lives, and to practice gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness, we can bring healing to all the parts of our self.

I believe that the human body was divinely designed to heal and regenerate. We just need to provide the right circumstances and support to help allow that process to take place. I do not believe in incurable diseases nor do I support the practice of many doctors who tell a person they only have a few months to live or deem them “terminal.” That is not for the work of humans, that is up to God and the person in need of healing. I have seen many people who were given a grim prognosis turn it all around and go on to live vibrant, healthy, disease-free lives. I hope that whoever reads this understands they possess the power to heal and that no matter what you have been told, there is always hope and possibility. We each have the ability to become a miracle worker if we so choose.

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Zahrah, I so loved reading this post. Seeing your contribution in many a chat room, your generosity and knowledge is beyond a priceless recourse to so many. Now readying a little of your story makes so much sense. I hope I never need to consult with you 😍 but I will continue to share you name with anyone I come across that is in that situation. Hoping my brother, and his wife who is going through breast cancer right now will reach their destination of health, and if not will come around to being able

To hear you. Much love to you and all you do. 🙏🏻


I always say God put everything on earth for us to survive. Foods to eat and foods not to eat accordingly to your illness. . Chemicals cause disease. That's my opinion. My grandparents were farmers and grew gardens, had chickens and lived to near 100.yrs old.


Thank you for inspiring HOPE.

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