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zahrah sita

Hi there!
My name is Zahrah Sita and I am a passionate Health Enthusiast, Holistic Detox Expert, Wellness and Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator, and Writer.


After years of feeling disempowered and suffering from health issues, I sought ways to make changes so I could be happy and healthy. This led me to studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbalism and Plant Medicines, Nutrition,  Neurofeedback,  Holistic Detoxification, Ayurvedic Therapies, Bodywork, and More. 


I was able to heal myself naturally of many health issues, including cancer. Experiencing healing in my body led to emotional and spiritual healing. On my personal journey of healing and self-discovery I discovered and developed some key life hacks that helped me to begin embodying empowerment and creating success in my life.  My own journey from sick, stuck, and suffering into joyful, passionate, healthy living inspired me to be of service to others who also have been looking for a way to transform their lives and activate their potential. With my health and coaching programs, I have helped countless others unlock their potential, create success, and reclaim their health. 


In 2005 I moved to Costa Rica where I have created and led healing and internship programs, retreats, and classes.  I have been a consultant for several retreat centers in Costa Rica, as well as an ongoing contributing writer for The Costa Rica News and Volunteer Latin America. In 2014 I opened my services internationally with Online Coaching, Wellness Consultations, and Holistic Detox Programs.

I returned to the United States in 2018, and have continued to work both locally and internationally while maintaining close ties to Costa Rica.

I have a belief that each of us has a unique purpose. By restructuring our thought patterns, healing our bodies, and implementing strategic life keys for unlocking our potential, each of us has the ability to thrive in our lives and reach the goals we have to create the life we want to be living.




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