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Simple, Gentle, At-Home Detox Therapies For Optimal Health

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Because of the high-level of toxic bombardment we all are exposed to by living in our modern world, I am a strong advocate for physical cleansing and regular detoxification. I advise that we all partake in a Full Body Cleanse 1-2 times each year and a Liver-Gallbladder Flush 4 times each year. You can liken these therapies to getting your fluids flushed or getting an oil change in your vehicle - necessary services to ensure the long-term function and performance. There are additional ways we can assist our bodies in staying clean and keeping the toxins from making homes within us that are less intensive than the bi-annual or quarterly cleanses I mentioned above. These are therapies that you can do at home, several times a week if desired, and at very little cost. Below is a list of several of these easy-to-do detox techniques to help you achieve or maintain optimal health.

Detox Baths

A Detox Bath is a wonderful way to relax your body while removing toxins through bathing.

You will need the following ingredients:

2 cups Epsom Salts or Magnesium Flakes

1 cup Baking Soda

***Additional ingredients you can add:

1 cup Borax powder 2 tsp Ascorbic Acid crystals (Vitamin C) - if you have chlorinated water 1/2 cup Bentonite Clay powder or Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth powder 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

6 -10 drops of essential oils such as lavender, thyme, and frankincense All of these ingredients are excellent for drawing out toxins from the body. Epsom Salts or Magnesium Flakes will also help to reduce inflammation, relax the tissues, and soothe tension in the body. Baking soda and ACV are both very alkalizing. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite Clay are helpful for removing heavy metals, as well as candida and parasites. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) when added to a bath with water that contains chlorine, helps to neutralize the chlorine and eliminate it's toxic effects. Baking soda will help with that as well. Draw a hot bath and while the water is filling the tub, add all the ingredients except the Vinegar and essential oils. Once the bath is filled with water allow 5 minutes before getting in. Once you are ready to get in the bath, add the vinegar and the essential oils. Stay in the bath at least 15 minutes for the detoxifying effects. Longer is better. You want the bath to be hot - not so hot you can't stay in it, yet hot enough to open your pores and hopefully get you to sweat a bit.

Castor Oil Packs

This is a simple therapy with incredible benefits for your health. Using castor oil packs helps to detoxify the entire body, reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, relieve constipation, activate lymphocyte production, and to stimulate the lymphatic system.

The stimulation of the lymphatic system is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of using castor oil packs. Toxins, heavy metals, and pathogens from throughout the body are collected and cleaned up by the lymphatic system, which then moves them to the liver where they are filtered and processed and then moved to the colon for elimination. If our lymphatic system is not functioning properly, harmful toxins can accumulate and eventually lead to a wide array of health disorders. Castor oil is easily absorbed through the skin. With the application of heat, the castor oil is driven deep into the tissues and activates multiple healing processes.

Castor oil packs can assist in stimulating lymphatic drainage that leads to detoxification of the body, improved elimination of waste, reduction of illness and disease, increased immune function, and overall health. To do a Castor Oil Pack you will need: Pure Natural Castor Oil A piece of clean Flannel Cloth - white flannel cloth is typically sold wherever castor oil is sold A piece of plastic large enough to cover the cloth (saran wrap or cut open a gallon-sized ziplock bag) A Heating Pad- you can use a hot water bottle style or an electric heating pad. I prefer the electric style as it will stay hot longer. A Towel to lie on A Hand Towel or Paper Towels

Be sure to choose All-Natural Hexane-Free Castor Oil.

Most health markets sell castor oil and white flannel for performing castor oil therapy. Choose a comfortable place where you can lie down for at least one hour. Place a towel under where you will lie. Have a hand towel or paper towels nearby for wiping your hands of the castor oil. Place the flannel in a large bowl and soak the cloth in castor oil until it is fully saturated. Lie down and place the cloth over your bare abdomen. Be sure that you cover the area of your liver and pancreas - just below the rib cage on each side. It is best if you can cover the entire abdomen including the lower abdomen to the area of the hip bones or just above. Cover the flannel cloth with the plastic and place the heating pad over the plastic. Remain lying down with the heating pad on for at least one hour. You can leave it on for 90 -120 minutes if you want. When you are finished simply clean your abdomen with soap and water or a small amount of baking soda and water. Store the soaked flannel cloth in a thick ziplock, tupperware, or glass jar with a fitting lid, in the refrigerator. It can be reused several times without needing to wash it. Castor Oil Packs can be used 1-4 times a week. It is best to wait at least two hours after eating a meal to do your Castor Oil Pack session.

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy that helps to eliminate toxins and pathogens from our

mouth and throat. Our mouths can collect many micro-organisms and toxins and serve as passageways for those pathogens to enter our bloodstream. Many health issues can be linked to dental decay and infections in the mouth. Oil pulling helps to keep our mouths healthy and free of excess pathogens. It can help to prevent cavities and also is used in remineralization protocols. I prefer to use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for daily

0il Pulling. Coconut oil is a potent antifungal and antibacterial agent.

To perform Oil Pulling simply place 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth first thing in the morning - before eating or drinking any beverages other than water. Gently swish the oil around your mouth, without swallowing, for 20 minutes. You will feel the oil change consistency a bit the longer you swish. After you have finished the swishing, spit out the oil into a waste bin, compost bucket, or outside so to not create clogged drains. After you spit out the oil, rinse your mouth with warm water with a bit of sea salt or Himalayan salt added. I like to add a small amount of colloidal silver to my mouth rinse a few times a week for extra detoxification.

Coffee Enema

For anyone new to enemas or colonics, the words coffee enema may bring up strange feelings. For those who have come to know and utilize the coffee enema they can most likely attest to the amazing benefit this therapy has been for their health. The coffee enema is a therapy utilized for many decades and once was prescribed by doctors for many reasons. In more modern days the coffee enema has become known as a powerful tool for treating cancer, candida, chronic illnesses, pain, inflammation, immune deficiencies, and for detoxification of the liver. It is said to help remove parasites, reduce allergies, heal migraines, diminish infections, increase peristalsis, tonify the colon, and boost the immune system. In the process of a coffee enema, glutathione is released in the intestines and the liver. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that aids detoxification and breaks apart chemical carcinogens so they can be eliminated from the body. There are numerous other actions that the coffee enema instigates. I highly recommend doing some research on this incredible health enhancing therapy. Anyone suffering from a health issue will definitely benefit from regular coffee enemas. For a person in average to good health a coffee enema once to twice a week is sufficient. Anyone who is dealing with an illness, has frequent chemical exposure, has a weak immune system, or is experiencing chronic pain, would benefit from doing a coffee enema 3-4 times per week. Those who are dealing with cancer, high levels of candida overgrowth, Lymes or parasite infections, should consider daily coffee enemas until improvements are made. Dr. Max Gerson who popularized the coffee enema therapy and who also was successful in treating thousands of cancer patients utilizing this therapy, often gave coffee enemas to his patients 4-6 times a day in severe cases. The Gerson Institute has continued to use coffee enemas in their healing programs to this day.

You will need:

- An enema kit (bag, hose,tip) - Organic coffee - the lighter the roast the more antioxidants it will have - Pure water - Coconut or Olive oil for aid in inserting the tip

To prepare the coffee bring 2 1/2 cups of pure water (not tap water) to a boil, reduce the heat so it stays at a low simmer and add 3 Tbsp of ground organic coffee. Cover the pot and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the coffee and allow to cool until it is lukewarm.

It is important to do the coffee enema after you have already emptied your bowels. Prepare a spot where you can lie down on your right side. I like to place a plush towel over the bathmat in my bathroom. Bring a pillow for your head if you like. You will be lying there for 15-20 minutes. Pour the coffee in the enema bag (be sure the clamp is turned to off first). Hang the bag somewhere shoulder height or a bit higher. Use the oil to lubricate your anus and insert the enema tip inside. Open the clamp to allow the liquid to flow. Remain lying on your right side for 15-20 minutes. This timing is very important. It takes at least 12-15 minutes for the liver to dump bile and other toxins and have them transported to the lower sigmoid colon for release. Use this time to do some deep breathing and relaxation techniques. After 15-20 minutes have passed you can release the coffee into the toilet. Be sure to clean your enema bag, hose and tip with warm water and gentle soap after use. Coffee enemas can deplete some minerals and electrolytes. If you are doing more than 3 coffee enemas per week it is important to replenish with a good electrolyte supplement, fulvic minerals, a mineral-rich broth, wheatgrass powder, or cold-pressed celery juice.

I am including some additional simple, gentle detox therapies below. I won't go into as much detail explaining how to utilize these therapies, yet I encourage you to do a bit of research and learn how you can use these in your life. If you are interested in learning more about how to do a Full Body Cleanse I invite you to see my Full Body Cleanse program. I also offer Healing Consultations for those seeking more in-depth guidance and help on their healing journey.

Additional Detox Therapies:

Dry Brushing

Intermittent Fasting Neti Pot Essential Oil Diffusion

Colon Irrigation/Enemas

Detox Foot Baths

Ear Candles

Himalayan Salt Scrub Yoni Steams

Clay Facial Mask Apple Cider Vinegar Shots 1-3 Day Green Juice Fast


WheatGrass Juice or Powder

Mimosa Pudica

Activated Charcoal

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Megadose Vitamin C or "C Flush"

Infrared Sauna

Gua Sha

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Robert Toler
Robert Toler
Apr 17, 2023

Where can I find your instructions for Liver/Gallbladder flush ?

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I couldn't find it here either. Found it on Google. Hope this helps.


I love how you put things so simply to make it less complicated when trying to learn how to do some of these things. Some people come into this world with a are one of them. I think the world of you and you have taught me so much! Much Love❤️🙏

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