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Big Pharma - Sinister Secrets and Black Magic in Modern Medicine

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

There seems to be a pill or medication for just about everything these days. Our culture has sped ahead to the quick-fix way of living, including how we address our health issues. This get-it-done-fast lifestyle has been the perfect playing field for Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry has infiltrated modern medicine and convinced the masses that they have the perfect solution for whatever ails you. The loyal allegiance and trust of the majority of the population have helped the industry become one of the biggest financial giants our world has ever known. Perhaps we should take a moment, slow down, and dig a bit deeper into what Big Pharma is serving up. Remember – knowledge is a form of power.

Understanding the Etymology

The roots of the word Pharmaceutical come from the Greek words “Pharmakeuein” meaning “TO PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT” and “Pharmakon” meaning “POISON.” Given that words carry vibration and power, we could ask ourselves what kind of vibration do these words carry? “Big Pharma” or the Pharmaceutical Industry is a trillion dollar industry! It is an INDUSTRY, not a loving, health-based approach to helping people accomplish true healing.

“Pharmaceuticals are specifically designed to block specific receptor sites or to pass false information to certain cells in order to trick the body into giving up the symptoms.” – David Stewart Ph.D.

What that statement above is saying is that these medications are based on lies and tricks. This is not the path to true healing. This is masking symptoms, avoiding healing the root cause of the illness, often creating dependency, addictions, and additional illnesses – for the sake of profit. In my lifetime alone I have witnessed this industry grow to epic proportions. I have witnessed false diagnoses and made-up illnesses be created and pushed upon the masses so that the dark sorcerers of the pharma world can have fat bank accounts – by poisoning and enslaving the people. I have seen children poisoned with mind and behavior control drugs. I have watched lives destroyed by opiates. I have seen people tricked into believing toxic chemicals are the way to “heal.” I could go on and on.

Much of America has become a heavily medicated nation – a people in a stupor and riddled with sickness and addiction.

Look behind the veil

The evil spell was cast and the gullible masses fell for all the false propaganda. Doctors have been revered as gods. Many people trust anything and everything the doctors are saying. Little do they know about who actually has been paying for and creating the curriculum and learning material for the medical schools. Do you know? It is the dark wizards of Big Pharma. They control what is being taught. Modern medicine has been bought! They also continue enforcing their sinister agenda by sending their minions to hospitals and doctors offices to sell all their newest poisons – giving tempting incentives so that “health care” practitioners peddle their poisons on the poor, unaware souls seeking help. Incentives such as cash bonuses, luxury vacations, catered parties, and lavish gifts.

We do not heal from lies and poisons. Masking symptoms and prolonging pain is not healing. Nature has provided a truth-based cure for every illness imaginable. It may take research and a willingness to find the cures – yet they are there. Looking into the wisdom and ways of our indigenous ancestors can be one of the best ways for discovering these cures. I have healed many illnesses from my own body without the use of pharma poisons or invasive procedures. I have guided and assisted numerous individuals in the natural healing process – and joyfully witnessed remarkable returns to true health and liberation in so many who chose a natural route. Far too long many humans have abandoned their intuition and their sovereignty. Far too many lives lost or enslaved through dependency on the evil wizards of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Be free!

Now is the time to reclaim our freedom and empowerment! Please join me in this mission. Educate yourself and help educate others. Remove the blinders and filters and look beyond the magic tricks of illusion and see what’s really been going on! We are many – and together we can reclaim power for the people!

Although I do not support or like the practices or products of Big Pharma, I do understand that there are instances and circumstances that a pharmaceutical medication may be needed to save a life or assist a critical or severely compromising health situation. These are special circumstances and no shame or judgment should be projected towards anyone needing a pharmaceutical in an emergency, crisis, or truly necessary situation. The point I hope you can gather from this article is that these drugs are being over-prescribed for profit, are generally not safe, have possible spiritual consequences, nature most likely has a better remedy, and we need to be proactive to change what is happening in regards to Pharma.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margret Mead

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