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Reclaiming Sexuality as Sacred

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Sexuality is a reality not one of us can escape. We are born through sexuality and we are born with sexuality. Yet how many of us actually comprehend sexuality as sacred?

Your sexuality is more than a pathway to physical pleasure or an avenue to create offspring. Your sexuality is potentially a door to a multidimensional experience, a path to personal empowerment, and a wellspring of creativity begging to be birthed and expressed. Your sexuality is your vitality, your longevity, your strength, your holy Shakti fire, vital energy of life, and beauty embodied.

The Dark Side of Sexuality

Yet the reality so many of us have lived in regards to our sexuality has been one of degradation, repression, fear, shame, and bondage.  There have been great sexual violations endured by so many people; causing a collective energy of fear and repression to take hold in the sexual centers of a multitude of souls.

On the other side of that coin, there are many souls lost in delusions, perversions, and distortions of their sexuality.  With all these imbalances and traumas many people have swayed too far into careless promiscuity and loose boundaries, or too far into imprisoned expression, shameful denial, and frigid hiding.

Beyond the traumas and distortions, we also have cultural influences upon our sexuality. From birth we are taught, mostly through images, songs, and subconscious messages; how to behave and how to express ourselves as sexual beings. We have allowed society to define what sexy is, how to dress, where to meet others, how and when to wed, and so on. Society at large is not righteous and true enough to dictate how we should express and experience our sexuality. The manifestations of our culture in relation to sexuality are in our face and undeniable. We can see the rampant sicknesses of body and soul in regards to misused and abused sexuality. We can see a culture thick with rape, molestation, sexual disorders, diseases to the reproductive organs, prostitution, pornography, and so on. To me, I see the obviousness of the need for sexual healing.

To begin this healing we must reevaluate our ideas and feelings about sexuality. We must be willing to see the truth of sexual energy – its source, its potential, and its consequences. I encourage us all to begin by understanding that sexuality is more than procreation or pleasure through intercourse.

Sexuality is a force, an energy, a source of creativity and vitality.

One does not need to have sex or pleasure themselves to be a highly sexually charged person. Through tantra, yoga, chakra healing, and other practices, you can nourish and tap into your sexual energy and power to boost immunity, fortify longevity, draw up inspiration, connect with the Divine, express yourself creatively, and radiate beauty.

Understanding Intimacy

It is also important that we understand that we can experience the depth of intimacy and pure connection without baring our bodies and be jumping into bed with anyone who invites us. Sexual liberation is the ability to feel truly empowered as a sexual being, to know how to maintain healthy boundaries, make choices that align with our highest good, and to access our sexual energy for creative and spiritual purposes. If we decide to share sexual intimacy with another person, that is our right and our choice. Yet we can still be sexually liberated, empowered, and healthy without sharing intimacy with anyone.

For those of us making efforts to awaken consciousness and heal, so we may align with our divine purpose and embody empowerment, it is crucial that we don’t look past this issue. Sexuality is a powerful energy with powerful effects on much of our lives. Religion has tried to stifle it and chain it into a patriarchal agenda – thus creating a multitude of perversions and violations. Mass media outlets have used sexuality to sell everything under the sun, and the “sex industry” has been seducing multitudes of lost souls into its clutches of carnal tragedy at an alarmingly increasing rate.

Sexual Healing

People are hurting in regards to sexuality. Many have been violated, abused, taught to repress their sexuality, or taught shame and fear. I have been down these roads. I have experienced the dark side of sexuality and spent many years manifesting the painful results of unhealed traumas. I can gratefully say that I have done the work to heal the traumas and liberated my sexual energy from those dense vibrations. Through my personal healing, I have changed the course of my life and attracted more joy, health, and vitality.  I now help others find freedom from traumas, shame, and fear.

Empowerment exists for those that choose it. Empowerment includes being confident and aligned with integrity in our sexuality. Sexuality is a power that each of us can own and direct in our lives. It’s not up to anyone else to own it or direct it. In our choice to reclaim our sexuality and enliven our sexual centers with vitality we free up so much energy for healing, creativity, positive relationships, and joy. It is through this we can allow life to be an ongoing creative journey.

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