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Living a Holy Yes Life

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

I have developed a practice for positive manifestation and embodying empowerment. I call it the path of the Holy Yes.

In the practice of the Holy Yes we are creating a vibration of positivity and power –  based on our truest authenticity and willingness to reach our goals. This practice is both healing and empowering. This practice assists you in living a life that reflects the truth of your soul. This practice helps align you with your divine purpose – that thing that you came to Earth to do, your passion, your talent, your gift to the world.

So… how does one practice this path of the Holy Yes?  It starts by tuning in to your deepest desires and allowing yourself to face them and to voice them. Tuning in, beyond the societal imprints and programs that told you what to think, feel, do, say, etc. It means feeling into your own unique passions and what calls to your heart and soul.

What are my passions?

You may be thinking that you have no idea what your passions are, what your talents are, or what calls to your heart or your soul. That is fine. If you don't know what is calling you or what you really have passion for, then you begin a mindfulness practice each day – and in each moment, with each choice, you practice the Holy Yes, by choosing only the experiences that feel right… moment to moment.

First you must begin to differentiate between your impulses and reactions, and your true inspiration and authenticity. I am not saying go chasing after every whim and fleeting desire that flutters through your heart. The Holy Yes path is meant for people willing to listen deeper – to practice discernment and detachment from random cravings and wants.

Start by examining your life. What is in your life that does not feel like you? What choices have been made that no longer suit you? What is weighing you down, causing you pain, or standing in your way. Go ahead and remove these things from your life. This great decluttering can include relationships, work, hobbies, behaviors, habits, addictions, and anything that has felt like dead weight to you, or has felt like a lie or a prison. Once you start seeing what you don't want in your life, start asking what you do want in your life. Set intentions to manifest these things.

Align With Your Yes

From here you go forward only aligning with and agreeing to the things that feel good and right for you. When you make decisions ask if the decision reflects your hearts desire. Will it bring you closer to your goals? Will it feel aligned with your integrity? Will it support your health and happiness? By making choices aligned with a yes to these queries, you empower the affirmative in your life - you empower the positive. This is practicing the Holy Yes.

You are Holy

It is holy because you are holy. You are sacred and meant for greatness. When you follow the path of your hearts leading, and you honor what makes your soul sing, you bring to life a passionate, vibrant, positive, unique energy that shares uplifting vibrations and blessings that emanate throughout the cosmos. It is this energy that is so truly magnetic! It is this alive, buzzing, real energy that draws more of the same to it and has the power to attract all of our dreams and desires. This is why I say the Holy Yes path aligns us with powerful manifesting potential.

As you deepen this practice, and become immersed in mindfulness and conscious choices, you are also engaged in a sacred communication with your intuition. For this practice of the Holy Yes to be the most successful and graceful, you must learn to follow your intuition. Our intuition is the divine guidance system given to our souls to help navigate this life journey. As you continually honor intuition and follow its lead, you strengthen your ability to hear the voice of intuition, develop rock solid discernment, and release fear. In this practice you strengthen your confidence, build faith, and grow in empowerment.

We are sovereign beings. To be empowered you must accept that you are a sovereign soul. You have the right and the power to reclaim every bit of you that you let others own, control, influence, or direct. Our souls are meant to express their brilliance and their passions. We are not meant to be enslaved in mind control, conformity, or collective apathy.  By following the path of the Holy Yes, we abandon the shackles of society’s dictates, and set ourselves free to create our own destiny, to express our divine purpose, and to celebrate the beauty and gift of life… one Holy Yes at a time.

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