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Gossip, Judgment, Slander, & Blame

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Gossip, Judgment, Slander, and Blame...

I am sure that everyone reading this has experienced at least one of these energies at some point in their lives – as a receiver or as a giver. I have found that the more I stray from the mainstream, the more I live life as authentically as I can, and the more I embody my empowerment - the more I have encountered experiences with gossip, judgment, slander, and blame. I choose not to respond to gossip, and I choose to practice compassion and forgiveness for those that project their pain on myself or others, yet I still have had to wrestle with the pain of what feels like being stabbed in the heart or kicked in the gut after experiencing these sharp energies.

We need each other

We are by nature, tribal beings. We were designed to live in groups, families, communities. We inherently want the acceptance of others, so much so that rejection and abandonment can be debilitating for some people, and rejection through cruelty can drive some to suicide. Often we have forgotten the power of our words and our intentions. We also forget that we are dependent upon each other … interconnected and reliant upon one another. When we engage in gossip, judgment, slander, and blame, we are creating separation and parasitically stealing energy to attempt to gain power. This is a trick of the ego and part of an archaic program inserted into the human culture. This program is responsible for the perpetual war and conflict that has been ravishing the planet for centuries.

Empathy and Peace

Gossip, judgment, slander, and blame are closely related to war. If we truly wish to pass to our children a world of peace, harmony, health, and safety, then we need to begin creating peace in all our relations and with each of our words and intentions. I pray empathy for everyone. Although for many years I struggled with the reality of being a highly sensitive empath, I now am grateful for this trait, for it has helped increase my level of compassion and my drive to help my human family. When we can tune into and even feel the pain of another, we can then touch our humanity, our true nature of divinity, and typically are inspired to help instead of hurt. This is how we begin to eliminate war and conflict from Earth. We begin by eliminating it from our hearts and our lives.

To tear another down to try and make oneself great is an act of insecurity. It is the little sad or scared ego that attacks the confidence of another in an attempt to gain power. It is false power and will bring no true joy, no true success. Gossip, judgment, slander, and blame are low level behaviors. These are not the behaviors of truly empowered people. To be empowered one knows they need not diminish the light in another to still shine bright.

We have the power to change

I pray we can all arrive at a place of collective cooperation and that we begin to value our tribal alliance over our individual glory. I pray we each do the work to eliminate gossip, judgment, slander, and blame from our lives. We have the power to change our world and create real and lasting peace. We have the power to achieve greatness while supporting the greatness in others. We have the power to break out of molds and programs and live in truth and authenticity.

It is actually very simple. We know it is better to be nice than to be mean. We know right from wrong and that it is best to be kind to others. Yet we still seem to need reminders. Be nice. Tell the truth. Help each other. Love each other. There is enough for everyone. No one is better than another. We are all beautiful creations. Take care of each other.

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