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Cleansing With A Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I have planned many of my personal cleanses to coincide with the full moon, as this is an excellent time for supporting release, catharsis, and detoxification. Parasites and microbes become most activated at the full moon and thus are most vulnerable for elimination if the proper approach is taken. Because of these supportive elements, I decided I would schedule a week-long juice fast and liver cleanse with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 2021. This is the first time I have done a juice fast or a cleanse during an eclipse and I now can say - Wow! It definitely amplified my cleansing experience!

When I say that the eclipse amplified my experience, what I mean is it really helped bring things to the surface - mentally emotionally, physically, and spiritually! All the common cleansing discomforts that can occur, such as headaches, fatigue, various emotions, bloating, etc., were all felt much more profoundly than when I have done cleansing at times that were not near an eclipse. This pushed me to take more time for relaxation and self-care. I found myself taking long detox baths daily, doing more Earthing sessions and coffee enemas, and using supplements and herbs such as serrapeptase, ginger, turmeric, magnesium, and CBD to help reduce pain and discomfort.

Because I was led to take more "downtime", I made the effort to meditate often, and to really tune in to wisdom, intuition, and inner guidance. During these times of stillness and introspection, I reflected on the energetic influences of eclipses. An eclipse can be compared to a spiritual re-set. It helps to clean the slate and open the way for a new energetic configuration to be activated. Eclipses can signify endings and beginnings, much like a full moon, yet far more intensely and their effects tend to last 6 months. This particular eclipse also happens to signify the dawning of the 6th Sun from the prophecies and calendars of the Mayan and Aztec cultures. The 6th Sun is a new age for humanity - one where we find answers and empowerment within ourselves, a time when we become more self-sufficient and less dependant on powers outside of ourselves. It is a shift towards more feminine energy, healing, and opportunities for upgrading our DNA. All of this felt so perfectly aligned and in divine timing for my cleanse - which happened to be far more than a physical detox.

Since the end of 2018 when my partner passed away, I have been in a place of recalibration, healing, cocooning, processing, and pausing. It's not that I stopped living my life, but I have been spending a lot of time alone, in my own personal retreat - allowing time to grieve, release, and heal. I have felt as if I have been in a place of transition and transformation, yet not fully clear as to what comes next. There has been an abundance of beautiful moments in the past 2 1/2 years, yet, at times I have felt I wasn't living my life to the fullest or as if I had stepped into someone else's reality. Living in a place without the community of friends I had grown used to having near me, and in a location where I have few neighbors, I have had a lot of time to sit with my feelings, listen to my thoughts, talk with God, connect with nature, and allow for my emotions to be fully felt and acknowledged. I cannot say enough as to how incredible this process has been for helping me bring some deeply hidden wounds to the surface and to initiate healing for parts of myself that have been ignored due to busy-ness, overly full schedules, an active social life, frequent traveling, parenting, and other commitments.

The gift that this eclipse energy gave to me, along with the power of cleansing and holistic detoxification, was the opening of a portal of change and an invitation to release all that was holding me back from going to my next level and activating the upgrades I have been receiving during my healing journey over the past few years. Throughout my week of cleansing with the eclipse, I purged my body of toxins, cleansed my mind and my vision of limiting thoughts and perceptions, released stagnant energies from my auric field and my chakras, and was able to finally feel that my time of isolation, mourning, waiting, and cocooning has finally come to an end. In the days following the eclipse and with the finalé of my liver and gallbladder flush; insights, visions, and creative inspirations began to flood my soul and psyche. I felt like a butterfly who finally pushed out of the dark cocoon, spread her wings, and took flight for the first time in the splendor of light and beauty. I have been joyfully transcribing the guidance and inspirations I have been receiving and am so delighted with the many creative ventures I have to look forward to and bring to life.

I have been leading holistic detox programs for about 15 years now. Time and time again I have seen how cleansing the body can lead to revelations, changes, insights, and transformation of the mind, emotions, and lifestyle choices. Often, the cleanse participant will recognize unhealthy attachments and habits and finally have the energy and willpower to make significant changes. Cleansing can initiate hidden emotions to surface, old wounds and traumas to come up for review and healing, and even suppressed memories that can provide answers and insights that may assist with greater healing and integration. When a person asks me how can they accelerate their spiritual growth or how can they initiate greater spiritual awakening, I typically recommend starting with a physical cleanse. The body can be our gateway to understanding all the other facets of our being. By investing in our health, we are also investing in our overall well-being, including our joy and happiness. By cleansing and purifying the body, there is little room for stagnation or illness of any kind to remain hidden. Once the body begins to upgrade, all the other parts of the self want to be upgraded as well. This is how holistic healing happens - it is all connected.

If you are feeling ready to upgrade your health and upgrade your life, I highly recommend committing to a cleanse. My Full Body Cleanse Program is a great place to start. This simple 3-week program can be done without taking time off school, work, or other regular activities. It is a gradual process that does not shock the system and is not depriving or painful. I have assisted hundreds of people, of all ages and with many different health issues, in this cleanse. I have seen so many awesome transformations and upgrades over the years and continue to offer this program because of the progress and success I continue to see happening for those who enroll. We live in a time of elevated stress and pollution. We all need to find ways to detox the excess energies and toxins so we can thrive and fulfill our divine purpose. Reach out if you questions regarding cleansing or about my Full Body Cleanse program.

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Serpil Yildirim
Serpil Yildirim
24 abr 2022

Hi there, i would like to do a gallbladder flush which I do on a day that is after full moon going to new moon. Now that the weather is getting warmer I was thinking of doing the flush in May however it comes to the lunar eclipse and I'm not sure if my body will release the stones as usual or if it will hold on to them. i.e I would like to see if you could recommend the best day for the actual flush in May 2022. Thank you

Me gusta
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