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Message to The Starseeds

Starseeds - you have come at this moment to be luminaries - to radiate the light of heaven and to help transform suffering to awakened empowerment on Earth.

The Earth journey is a dense one - it is full of tests and trials that can either catalyze you into your blossoming or can pull you into distraction and defeat.

To survive the turbulence and stay true to your mission it is crucial to create practices to remind you of who you are (divine, light-bearing, god-goddess-embodied, change agents of love and higher consciousness) and to help you grow in strength and health. Regular practices of meditation, time in nature, sacred ceremonies, creating art, cleansing your body, yoga, dance, tai chih, etc. are all helpful for staying on your path of alignment with your divine purpose.

The matrix mind-control agenda-makers have carefully created a system of illusions and distractions. Your purpose and personal mission becomes endangered when you follow their carefully planted white rabbit into a maze of mental diversions staged as war, politics, conflict, chaos, entertainment, drama, and tragedy.

Stay focused on truth and your responsibility as a lightworker.

You have a responsibility to help lead souls out of darkness by being a light they can follow. You have a responsibility as a healer and a luminary to help restore balance on Earth - in both the empowerment of the Divine Feminine and the contribution of light to help create a harmonious existence of light and dark.

Remember who you are and shine your authenticity so boldly that you have the ability to become a beacon of light leading the way home.

Our awakening blossoms when we remember our greatness - our limitless potential. Our impact becomes substantial when we discontinue being devoured in a web of deceit, and we accept the invitation to assist in the collective illumination through cultivating our own radiance.

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