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Humanity Has Been Hijacked

Humanity's been hijacked.

A foreign program was inserted.

The truth had been hidden, minds taken captive, traumas unleashed - leading to the closing of the hearts, the decay of the body, and the deterioration of sound and awake minds.

This bio-engineered agenda of infection has behaved like a virus that takes over a computer ~ causing humans to be under the spell of hypnotic enslavement.

I am speaking to each of you.

I am speaking of the Matrix.

Not the movie, but the masterful artificial world each of us has been born into - much like the movie.

The good news is that many souls have incarnated as bringers of light ~

luminous starseeds have been arriving with righteous missions to remove the malware,

restore our system, and reclaim Earth for the Light.

This work begins with each of us.

Each of us has a choice - to stay sleepily, glossy-eyed subdued in the force-fed dream...

Or to wipe the goop from our eyes and choose to awaken to a multidimensional adventure of epic potential and infinite possibilities.

The sacred work of finding our way out of the Matrix and awakening our consciousness requires

-Cleaning our temples and removing the sludge of the slave keepers programming.

-Cleaning our minds and reclaiming them as sovereign and awake.

-Cleaning the traumas cast upon us to break our spirits and drag us into states of despair - traumas passed down through long lineages of ancient ancestral lines.

-Calling back all pieces of our once fragmented souls and hearts, healing the hurt with great love.

-Remembering our source, and the power we embody when tapped into that source.

-Aligning with our spirits, thus aligning with our holy purpose.

-Remembering our true identity - infinite, majestic, powerful, and divine.

-Walking in empowerment - embodying our truth.

Imagine if we all stripped the masks, unplugged our minds and our souls from enslavement, reclaimed our righteous sovereignty, eradicated the virus, and resurrected a Golden Age of Gaia.

If you can imagine it then it's possible.

This is a call ~ an invitation.

Examine your life.

Examine your mind and your heart.

Examine your dreams.

Remove whatever is not true.

Clean out what is not the real you.

Deactivate mind control programs.

Let each choice you make be an awakened choice from a space of love.

Each of us are part of the universe ~

each of us are super-beings waiting to be fully embodied and activated. Will you join the Great Awakening and reclaim your sacred sovereignty? The choice is yours - to awaken within the dream or to complacently slumber.

What do you choose?

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