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Learn skills & strategies for mastering social media and utilizing the Internet to grow an online business ... & design a lifestyle of freedom & prosperity.

Success Strategies for business & self-mastery

Join me in this 6-Week Online Mastermind Training Course that is designed to help you rise to your next level of Success and Personal Empowerment. 
Learn Key Strategies to Unlock your Success and Create a Life of Empowerment.

This Course will teach you ~


How to launch a new online business or how to take your existing online business to the next level.

Social Media Mastery for online businesses and entrepreneurs.

Attraction Marketing to bring in your ideal clients and customers without ever seeming pushy or spammy. 

How to develop your Unique Brand to authentically grow your business and create a positive memorable impact.

Self-Development & Personal Empowerment stratgegies and techniques.

Thought-Repatterning to remove limiting beliefs and self-sabotage tendencies that keep you from manifesting the success you desire.

How to manifest your ideal life with conscious intent and simple strategic methods. 

How to organically expand and grow a large and loyal network of clients and supporters. 

do you want to -
Grow your business without paying thousands of dollars on marketing.
Have more freedom and earn more income.
Work from your laptop - meaning that you can work from home, while traveling, or wherever you want to be.
Be true to you, stay authentic, express your uniqueness, and still grow your business and success.
Gain skills such as creating eye-catching graphic design projects, branding, social media promotions, growing your network, creating blog posts and videos, and how to take photos that stand out.
Learn high-performance habits that will ensure confidence and success.
Learn how to become a powerful magnetizing manifester.

Awaken to Empowerment ~ 6-Weeks to Success Program Will help you manifest your dreams and catalyze the upgrades you need to launch you into new levels of self-mastery and empowered prosperity.

One-on-One Consultation
Access to Elite Training in My Private Mastermind Group
Weekly Video Check-Ins & Strategy Sessions
 High-Performance Habits for Daily Life
Success-Producing Skills & Strategies to Grow Your Business


From marketing services and events, leading online courses and educational groups, participating in podcasts and video interviews, having my articles published in a variety of online media outlets, and writing hundreds of blog posts seen by thousands...


to launching and directing several successful businesses, providing director role and consulting services for a number of other businesses, building and designing websites, creating digital promotional materials, designing and launching ad campaigns, and creating enormous amounts of incredibly valuable content ~ 

I have many years of learning, practice, and experience that I can pass on to you to help you grow your online presence and launch your business into success using skills and strategies for online mastery. 

~ Zahrah Sita

Awaken to Empowerment
6-Weeks to Succes
Tuition - $555
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This opportunity is independent of the 6-Weeks to Success Business and Self-Mastery Training Program that I lead. Yet, if you are looking for a way to start your own business, work from home, make your own schedule, or supplement your existing income - this is an available opportunity for those who are interested. I can help get you started.

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